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Do any of These Sound Like You?

Burnt out, stressed out, rundown and tired?
Out of balance; out of control?
Frustrated with wheel spinning?
Too much to do; not enough time for my family and me.
I'm not able to get it all done.
Interruptions throw me off track.
I procrastinate important items.
Less satisfied with what I'm doing now than a few years ago.
Too many priorities; often feel unprepared and pressured?


Mission Statement:

The Productivity Institute is dedicated solely to the purpose of offering the highest quality Time Management Seminars and Personal Productivity Seminars and classes, workshops, keynotes and consulting anywhere along with lifelong support to our students and graduates.

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore a successful full time Professional Public Speaker for the last twenty years is the President of the Productivity Institute, a seminar company in Stratford, CT, dedicated to providing quality Time Management and Personal Productivity Seminars and classes for twenty years through his monthly public seminars and in-house seminars at your location. Don has made over 2,000 presentations to audiences from around the Globe. He is also available for keynote presentations, personal executive coaching, as your emcee for your event, and as your personal consultant to help you develop your own Professional Speaking Career.

"John did not get his raise because he did not get his promotion because he did not get all his work done on time because he was late yesterday because he had to stop for gas because he didn't stop for gas the night before because he was late coming home because he was working late because he came in late that morning because he had to iron a shirt because he had nothing clean to wear because he forgot to pick up his shirts from the cleaners on his way home the day before because...."

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